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Konza Law Adoption, Paternity :


Adoption - Is a legal proceeding to terminate the parental/custodial rights of one or more parents and then establishing a new legal relationship. Most Adoptions are by consent meaning the parent(s) agree(s) to termination of his or her rights in the child in favor of the Adopting Parent(s). Many are Step-parent adoptions. As the Adoptive Parent you assume all responsibility for the child. You cannot quit as the parent if the relationship dissolves. If the other biological parent does not agree to the Adoption, the Court may still approve termination of that parentís rights. This would be a Contested Adoption. Usually you must show the other parent is unfit or abandoned the child.


Paternity - When the baby comes along and the identity of the father is in question a legal proceeding may be instituted to ESTABLISH or DENY parentage of the child.

  • Motherís Rights - To establish Custody of the Child, provide for Parenting Time, and a baseline of support for the child. You are entitled to have at least financial help in raising the child even if dad is not there for you.

  • Fatherís Rights - To establish Custody of the Child, provide a baseline of Parenting Time that you get to spend nurturing your child, and what Child Support you are to pay or receive.

  • Not the Dad? - If you suspect you are not the father of a child you must challenge Paternity early in the childís life. If you are married to the mother, named on the birth certificate, or publicly acknowledge the child you are presumed to be the father. Unless the real father is found & has a substantial connection to the child the Court will only consider what is in the ďBest InterestsĒ of the Child. You may get to pay child support even if it is proven that you are not dad. If that occurs, then you still may establish rights as any real father.


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