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Konza Law Business Incorporation, Collections :

Business Incorporation, Collections

Starting a Business - If you start a business you may want to consider incorporating it. One advantage to Incorporation is to limit liability for losses to assets of the business. If you do business in your personal capacity then everything you own may become subject to the claims of creditors unless it is exempt. The best reason to incorporate is to define the relationships of all parties involved in the business. A large percentage of businesses fail within the first couple years. In successful, or long term businesses, it is always wise to spell out in WRITING what is expected both when the business is successful or when it dissolves or is sold. Someone who is your friend today may change strategies when money (income or loss) is to be divided. Consider what will happen when you want to move onto to other endeavors. How do you get out? Having a plan will help. 

Collections - If you did not get “shown the money” up front you may need help getting payment. Maybe you got a hot check. We can help you navigate the shoal waters to find the hidden treasure by obtaining a Judgment, locating and seizing assets to pay the debt.

If you are a Debtor to one of our clients be warned that the Law Firm may be considered a Debt Collector. Any information obtained may be used for that purpose.

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