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Contracts - When you want to make a deal with someone else itís a wise idea to put it in WRITING. When the deal goes bad you have something to support what the terms of the deal were & can then enforce the agreement. Keep in mind there are many pitfalls in doing it yourself. You may violate the law in how you write a contract by unknowingly charging too much interest, inserting an unlawful provision, or not correctly stating the terms in a manner that can be enforced. Attorneys are trained to consider what happens when you go to court. That is why a smaller fee now can help you avoid the really big fee later. Have an attorney review or write your contract up in advance of the deal you want to make.

Real Estate

Real Estate Contracts - You donít need a Realtor to sell your property. We can help you draft the sales contract and get you to a closing agent. Before there were Realtors - dealing in land transactions was the practice of law. That probably explains why so many Realtors donít have enough knowledge to give good advice. Moreover, Realtors almost always represent the Seller. Buyers beware, get your own advice.

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