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Konza Law Criminal Defense, DUI, Traffic, Asset Forfeiture, Expungement :

Criminal Defense, DUI, Traffic,
Asset Forfeiture, Expungement

Criminal/DUI/Traffic - The Government is very powerful when it brings charges against you. Criminal & Traffic Infractions can carry serious life altering consequences. In Driving Under the Influence (DUI), Driving While Suspended (DWS), & No Insurance cases your ability to drive is implicated. Misdemeanor and Felony Charges and Convictions may prevent you from achieving your lifeís goals. They can affect Employment, Education & Training to support you & your family. We will investigate and evaluate your situation. If there is a great likelihood of conviction we will work to find the best solution and minimize jail time. We will defend you. We will always be willing to take your case to Trial to make the Government prove its case, protect your rights, and declare your innocence.

Driverís License - If you have been charged with a DUI you must immediately appeal the proposed suspension of your license in an Administrative Hearing. The time limit is extremely short to do so. If you want our assistance this is a separate legal proceeding from the DUI Criminal Charges. Perhaps you have lost your license already and you need help getting your driving privileges restored.

Asset Forfeiture - Did you loan your car or home to someone who abused your trust? When Criminals get caught with Drugs while using your property the Police often try to seize the property used in the commission of the crime. Most often this is a car, but can be other types of property. If you are the innocent owner you should be able to recover your property.

Expungement - If you were convicted of a crime or crimes but have led a good life since that time, you can improve your future by getting the charges and convictions expunged from your record. Generally, you can ask the Government to expunge convictions older than five years. Some lesser crimes may only take three years. Some crimes can not be expunged at all.

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