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Konza Law Divorce, Annulment, Custody, Child Support :

Divorce, Annulment, Custody, Child Support

Emotions run high. It is critical to get Objective Advice for you and your children. What worked for your “Friends” may not apply to your situation. Divorce crosses Emotional and Financial lines. You may be faced with Mere Financial Survival to Significant Property & Debt Divisions. You will live with the results for years to come. Our experience in Bankruptcy provides unique insights that many Divorce Attorneys lack.

We listen to your story. We understand it is unique.

 We will try to resolve your case fairly through negotiations rather than needless court battles. Sometimes your story must be told in court. We will fight to Ensure you are protected to the extent the law allows in achieving your goals for custody, child support, maintenance & a fair division of property & debts.

In custody situations always consider the “best interests” of your child. Custody disputes arise between parents, stepparents, grandparents & sometimes unrelated third parties.

You can download a worksheet from our forms list to start preparing yourself.

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