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Konza Law Serious Personal Injury :

Serious Personal Injury

Personal Injuries - Accidents may happen at any time leaving you unable to take care of yourself, require medical care, and may result in permanent or disabling injuries. Initially, your immediate concern will be to get well. Sometimes you donít recover physically or mentally. Eventually, the medical bills must get paid. You should be compensated for lost time from work, family and activities you used to enjoy. If you had pain and suffering from the injury you should also be compensated for that loss. How? We can help deal with the insurance company. Keep track of your lost time, mileage to and from the doctor, etc.

Insurance Coverage - There are many causes of injury. Not all are compensable in damages. However, when someone is AT FAULT in causing your injury there are many potential sources of payment. First, the person who injured you is responsible if they were negligent or willfully hurt you. Most people donít have money to cover your loss. Hopefully, they are covered by insurance. Many businesses carry Premises Liability Insurance. Everyone is required to have Auto Insurance that drives a vehicle. If they donít, your own Auto Insurance has some coverage and may cover uninsured losses. Homeownerís Insurance may also be a source of payment in cases occuring on private property. We can help you identify these sources of payment and evaluate your claims.

How do I hire an Attorney for my Personal Injury Claim? In most cases our attorneys will represent you under a Contingent Fee Contract. You pay the Attorney from the recovery made on your behalf.

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